NeoTrack Changes

  1. When adding the activities on calendar on my performance, the send email button should be automatically turned on.
    • DONE
  2. The Activity Type should be part of Next activity section as it is determining next activity type.
    • DONE
  3. Can I modify the activity directly from the calendar?
  4. The email for mike Lahey did not work. Neither did it work for me when I created the activity with him.
    • Manish we tested this with Kamil, it’s working on our Tika emails attached sample email, can you ask him to check spam folder.
  5. Venice Bayfront health center does not show up on account search on activities tab
  6. Add additional line for revenue to the third swipe of the my performance page
  7. The map view if I go back and forth from some screens it sometime behave weird. Please test it by going back and forth
  8. Change add opportunity to Add Forecast
    • DONE
  9. On clicking on Add forecast on map it land on generic pipeline page. It sould go to the app forecast page for that account.
    • DONE
  10. All HCP List in the app shoul dbe sorted by physician last name (like in prompts etc.)
    • DONE
  11. My Performance (Activity Calendar)- default set to week view.
    • DONE